Halloween 2012

Happy Halloween and end of October!

All my life, I’ve pushed to be the best: the MVP, the high-point scorer, the Homecoming Queen, the President of the Student Body, the bible study teacher, the History Department Head, the Account Team Manager.

I’ve pushed and I’ve pressed to keep climbing the ladder, to be #1, to not be satisfied with anything but the tops.

Because, you know… being the best equals worth and validates all my hard work and effort. Read More →

give, conversationalist

Photo Credit: © Hessa via Compfight cc Design: Amy Ruth

I’ve loved your responses and extended conversations about… conversations! Indeed, it is a valuable topic to discuss and to learn more about. Just a few weeks ago, we unfolded that a great conversationalist:

Listens & responds IN LOVE.

Pauses to pray.

Here’s another to add to our list:

A great conversationalist GIVES without expectation of return.

More specifically…gives COMPLIMENTS w/o expectation of return.  Read More →

i don't need help

“I don’t need help!”

One of the most humbly ways to live small is to accept help.

Just yesterday, I was having a rough one. My sweet girlfriend could tell I was in dire need, and she offered to bring over dinner. I graciously responded with “No, thank you. I’m putting chicken in.” (you know, it was on the menu board ; )

Although, not having to cook would be delightful. Read More →

Photo Credit: Paisley patches (coming and going) via Compfight cc Design: Amy Ruth

Photo Credit: Paisley patches (coming and going) via Compfight cc Design: Amy Ruth

All of what I know now in my 40s, I wish I could dispense to my boys in their preteens.

I suppose all parents wish that for their children. Often lasting growth involves learning it the hard way. But, I will always have my “mama megaphone” in hand blasting valuable truth for their growing boy-ears to hear. Especially when it comes to living small and becoming humble men, strong humble men. Read More →