no what if

Photo Credit: Jessica Matteazzi via Compfight cc Design: Amy Ruth

Just the other day, I was sitting in my girlfriend’s living room, feeling the warmth of friendship and yumminess of Trader Joe’s tiramasu,  and chatting about kids and life. Plopped on her yellow chevron poof, I was running down the crazy “what if” trail concerning my son’s safety:

What if my son does this…

What if that happens…

What if they don’t notice this…

Then, I’ll have to come rescue and…

Ever-so-lovingly-and-swiftly, my friend interjects, Read More →

just because i said so“Just because I said so” is one of those parental go-to phrases to put the press on your children’s obedience.

Just do it because I said to do it.

But, children don’t always respond in sweet compliance. And, neither do we.

As adults, we continue to live under the authority of our bosses, our government, and God. We too resist the authority of “just because I said so.”  We attempt to validate our rebellion with these rationalizations:

I want to know WHY…why do I have to obey? Why are you are asking me to do it? Read More →

my storyTeach me a concept and it might stick. Or… it might not. But, share a story with me pertaining to that concept, and the odds of me remembering that just skyrocketed.  I just might learn something.

Stories build meaning and layer application. I love how the Bible is full of real-life stories of real-life people who experienced the real living God. We can learn much from their stories.

This week, we will peer into the pages of Scripture and hear the stories of many who lived small OR UNsmall and where it led them.  Woven through their stories, we see threads of truth-filled concepts Read More →