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For Grumbly Hearts (prayer5)

family bike ride

As a mom, you do many things you don’t want to do. You make your kids do things they don’t want to do.  For what you believe to be in their best interest.  For what you believe that will enrich their lives.

This played out in our house last week after breakfast about 9:30-ish…

The weather has been unseasonably cool this summer.  So, the boys and I have jumped on our bikes every morning this week and pedaled around our neighborhood. Continue reading

For When The Legos Don’t Click (prayer4)


Having 3 boys, legos are sown into the fabric of our home life, much like “bling-bling” sequins on a sparkly dinner dress.  Legos are everywhere!  Continue reading

For the Onion-Hearted Mom (prayer3)

a heart like an onion

Two things in my life that have revealed an underbelly of selfishness:




These two prayed-for life events propelled my heart onto a chopping block of purification. As if my heart was an onion being peeled back revealing layers of sin and ugly. Although it stinks and can bring a flood of tears, this unlayering is  Continue reading

The Rubbing-Off Effect (prayer2)

leaf rubbing

I remember this craft in  VBS back in the 80′s.  Do you? It’s a winner. And, I’ve done it with my kids here and there throughout the years.

Leaf Rubbing (the shortened version below)

  1. Take a leaf.
  2. Place a white paper on top of it.
  3. Grab a crayon and rub it over the paper where the leaf is underneath.
  4. The finished product: a leaf rubbing.

Continue reading

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