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After a fun day of skiing in Beaver Creek, Colorado

I do repeat myself to the point of almost crazy. I can easily say something one minute, and then wonder the next minute if I actually said it outside or inside of my brain.

In parenting, there are many things that I know I say (not crazy) on repeat mode, over and over again, with the definitive intention of washing my boys brains in the truth. Truths to establish a lasting relationship with my growing man-child (first 4) and to grow strong Godly men (the next 4).

These last 4 Mama Mantras are intended to lay the foundation to grow relationship-healthy men. Relationship-healthy in their friendships, with their future wives, Read More →

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Colorado, 2016

On Thursday, I shared 4 Mama Mantras (things I say on repeat mode) to develop a lasting relationship with my boys. Thank you for your great responses! I loved hearing other mantras you say and will be incorporating them into my tool box.

There are 8 more Mama Mantras that I use over and over again to brainwash my boys (wash their brains in the truth). But, I thought I’d spread them over 2 posts: 4 today and the last 4 on Thursday. Bite-size pieces, you know.

Today, these mantras are purposed to train and teach my boys to be strong, direct, Godly men who stand up and face life with confidence. Read More →


Western Oklahoma

God has blessed me with three boys. Three boys who will become men one day. I own this privilege with a tender heart.

I have a soon-to-be high schooler,

soon-to-be middle schooler,

and a soon-to-be kindergartener.

Over the course of the day, I say many things. Words just spew out of my mouth.  Some good, some bad. I’ve noticed a few phrases that I have on “repeat mode.” Phrases I utter with an intentional, specific purpose: Read More →