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Not too long ago, I was munching on my favorite chocolate: a York Peppermint Patty. The mini kind. I’m sure my facial expression exuded pure delight and deliciousness. My middle son noticed and said what I thought was:

How does that taste, Fatty?

Shocked, I tightened up and almost growled,

What. Did. You. Say?

Surprised, he cautiously uttered, Mom, I just asked:

How is that peppermint patty?


It’s easy to listen through our own broken filter of insecurity, resentment, and doubt. So too with God. Read More →

spinach prayer

Putting on the mask of superficiality started young for me. I was in kindergarten and it was circle time. My teacher asked,

“What is your favorite food?”

 After much internal 5-year-old deliberation, I said,

“Spinach. Because it will make me strong like Popeye.”

Such a lie. I hated spinach. But, I wanted others to like me. I wanted a laugh. I wanted approval and admiration (as if spinach was the answer). So, I put on the mask of superficiality. It wasn’t the genuine me…my favorite food was really those awful little Vienna sausages in a can.

Superficiality can also spill over into our prayers with God. Read More →

freshman diet

My freshman diet

Eye contact used to be hard for me. I remember in college having a horrible time even looking the cafeteria server in the eye when he dished up a tray of crunchy chicken nuggets and a couple Otis Spunkmeyer cookies (basic diet my freshman year). I had to force my eyeballs to look in his eyeballs and hold there for 5 seconds. It really was an effort. It was awkward. I was so insecure that I didn’t even want to connect or begin a conversation with anyone. Read More →